Q: What is Staffingpower? 

A: Staffingpower is a growing national Professional and Industrial Staffing franchise.  Each franchised center utilizes the Staffingpower systems, branding and marketing tools. Its goal: to match businesses and candidates to meet both their needs.

Staffingpower offices are open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Q: What experience/qualifications are necessary to succeed as a Staffingpower Franchisee? 

A: We are looking for people from a variety of backgrounds who will be a great fit with our system: people who care deeply about helping those in their community reach their potential, and see owning a business as a vehicle for realizing their financial goals. You do not need to have Human Resources, Recruiting, or Staffing experience.  The franchisee candidate desires to be an entrepreneur and is enthusiastic, highly motivated, persistent and achievement-oriented—a person who wants to enjoy what they do.  If you desire to own your own business, operate in an ethical manner, and have the ability to lead a team, we are looking for you! A sales background is certainly a “plus”.  Proactive networking skills drive results and profitability.  Having such skills yourself or hiring someone who does is a definite advantage.  Please refer to www.staffingpowerfranchise.com.

Q:  Who is the executive who leads Staffingpower? 

A: Anwar Kazi is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Staffingpower.  For more information on Mr. Kazi please see the About Us/Our Team section of this website. 

Q: Why do employers use staffing companies? 

A: Currently business staffing needs are becoming more demanding and very dynamic.  Partnering with a staffing company easily solves the “ups and downs” in staffing needs e.g. new project, short term fill ins, increased customer demand etc.  Staffingpower provides both our clients and associates with flexibility, training, guidance and opportunity.  3 million temporary workers are employed nationally each year.  This figure is likely to increase.  Avoiding/reducing recruiting efforts and expense is a valuable solution for businesses.

Q: Why choose Staffingpower?

A: Staffingpower is a “local” resources with “local” management. We understand and support our community.  That “local” flavor and our responsiveness go a long way in establishing trust and confidence.

Q: What is “Direct Hire”? 

A “Direct Hire” is a full-time employee that you ask us to recruit and screen for you.  We send over the top candidates that we believe are a fit.  Hiring a full-time employee can feel like a full-time job. Let us manage the process for you by learning your company’s business goals and unique culture, meeting with the industry’s finest candidates, and introducing you to only the best. You deserve it.  

Q: What is “Contract to Hire”? 

Contracting to hire is one of the best talent acquisition solutions for determining your company’s needs based on your  timeframe. Looking for the right person, but not sure who that is just yet? Contract to hire may be perfect for you.  A Contract to Hire includes a trial period before the offer for permanent employment is made.  It is not a “sure thing” but it does keep the Associate employed and offers the opportunity for both parties to assess the quality of the match.  In some cases, the employer’s budget for the period after the contract is exhausted, may be unknown at the time the contract starts.  The workload may be variable and the employer may want to re-assess the needs for that position before they make an employment offer.  

Q: What is a “Temporary or Contract position”?

If you’re someone who values flexibility, we can help you find work on your schedule — on an as-needed, day-to-day basis, or on an indefinite contract.