There are two (2) different categories of benefit plans that Staffingpower makes available to its employees and Associates.  

The first category includes plans that we are required by Federal or State law to provide.  These include Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, certain state-provided programs, and Workers’ Compensation. These plans are paid through a combination of Company payments and employee payroll deductions.

The second category includes plans that are not required by law, but that we offer in order to attract and retain quality personnel.  Employees/Associates should keep in mind that the continuation of these programs depends upon a number of factors including budget limitations, company profitability, and changes that the government may enact from time to time that impact Employee Benefit programs.  For detailed information about eligibility, benefits, and costs, please consult with the official plan documents; plan notices, and/or other literature available from Staffingpower.  You are welcome to contact your Staffingpower representative as well. 

Medical and Dental Insurance

Staffingpower offers medical and dental insurance to Associates that meet and maintain the eligibility requirements.

Associates become eligible for these benefits when the Associate works at least 20 hours a week for four (4) weeks in a row.  They are then eligible to register for these benefits.  To maintain Medical and Dental coverage, the Associate must continue to work at least 20 hours a week, each week during the month.  

See your Staffingpower Representative for more information and enrollment packets.  To assist you with the cost of this Medical and Dental insurance,  Staffingpower pays a portion of a single contract.  You are responsible for paying the balance of a single contract and any dependent coverage through payroll deduction.

Refer to the actual Plan document and Summary Plan Description to answer any specific questions you may have.  Those documents are “controlling”.

At the end of employment with Staffingpower, you may be entitled to continuation or conversion of the group medical insurance plan in accordance with the terms of the policy and/or applicable State or Federal law(s). The Benefits Administrator will be able to answer your questions.